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Default NGRC 2015: Layout photos from #1 to #52

My family and I went to the 2015 National Garden Railway Convention in Denver this year, and made it to all 50 open railroads (#1 to #52, but two were cancelled) from Tuesday through Saturday! With very limited hours most days (8am-1pm) it was a grueling schedule to make it all of them, with 5 to 10 minutes at most layouts. And considering how far away one of them was on Saturday I don't think many people drove out there (Estes Park), but my wife loves checklists so she was pushing us to go go go! I'm really happy with the result: the experience of seeing so many amazing railroads, and almost 1600 photos to remember them by!

I've been going through and tagging them all by the layout number and railroad name, and filtering out near-duplicates and blurry photos. I'm done with Day 1, and close to posting the following days.

Layout #1: Tuscarora Railroad
It was a real pleasure to get to visit Kevin Strong's railroad. Having seen so many photos of it it was great to see it in person. All his structures and equipment have exceptional detail. With mature landscaping and well-placed structures it looks like the railroad has always been here.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #2: R.P.K. Garden Railfun
This railroad was big on action with a creative trackplan and detail items everywhere. There are many impressive scratchbuilt structures and a unique concrete waterfeature.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #3: Grunenwalt Berg Bahn
I love the wide radius curves here, and the unique vantage points of being able to go over, around, and into the railroad. My wife and I also both loved the overgrown look of the landscaping and the sparse buildings and detail items looked right at home.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #4: Johnson Pass Spur
What first caught my attention was the scratchbuilt Hiawatha steam locomotive on display. It's rare that I can't tell what chassis it may have been built on (i.e. Aristo-Craft Pacific, etc) so I'd like to know more about this. But we were here first thing in the morning at the same time as the bus, and the host (or one of them) was busy trying to get more trains running. It was a very scenic railroad and I wish I could have enjoyed it longer.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #5: Virginia & DACS RR
It was a lot of fun to watch this railroad. There was a lot of action with an interesting trackplan and lots of detail. There were also a lot of people there, so most of my photos contain crowds in the background! The mountain with tunnel exposed on the backside was particularly neat.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #6: Saint Mary and All Angels Railway
It was crowded here as the bus had just arrived, but they created a dramatic entrance with a bridge over the railroad. The railroad is very nice, with lots of great dioramas to observe and photograph. My favorite is the produce stand--I'd like to build something like this for my [agriculturally themed] railroad!
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #7: Boxwood Scenic Railroad
I love the Southern Pacific so this was a favorite because of the trains! It's also a great example of a mainline railroad that feels big, but in a small space.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #8: Colorado Railroad Museum
We'd never been here, but will have to go back someday with more time when they are running the fullsize trains! They have a huge, beautiful garden railroad in an incredible space with fullsize trains all around! There's also an elaborate HO scale railroad in the basement.
See all the photos on Flickr.

Layout #9: Cancelled
Unfortunately I didn't read the notice about this in the convention materials so we drove there anyway, and we weren't the only ones as several other cars were circling the area trying to find it. Finally we realized we did have the correct address and that there was a small note on the back fence that said it was cancelled.
- Ben -

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