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Originally Posted by Tomahawk & Western RR View Post
i dont think a traveling show would work. too much stress on vendors and layouts. IMHO
I don't know why you think that... The vendors and display layouts usually don't show up to the NGRC until set up day on Wednesday. Then the hall is opened to attendees on Thursday. The vendors and display layouts would only set up once and stay in one location just like they do now.

Realize that from North to South you have a 300 mile range between layouts. Evn if the convention center was located dead center you'd still have 150 miles to drive to the furthest layouts. Way too far in Southern California traffic.

The scenario I see is that the first couple of days there would be a designated hotel at one of the extreme ends of the open layout area. We'd stay there and visit the layouts in that area and then a couple of days later travel to the next hotel maybe 100 miles away. Of course we'd visit layouts on the way... Then spend a night or two there before heading to the next "host" hotel before finally heading to the final stop at the convention center where the vendor hall and clinics would be held.

This is similar to the pre- and post-convention tours that we did in 2016 and Denver did in 2015. The only exception would be to have a designated host hotel on those tours so attendees can socialize in a group setting. I received many emails from the 2016 NGRC attendees asking for hotel advise for our pre and post tours and many small groups did stay together.

Can you see how this would work?

Russ Miller
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