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I don't know if they are going to handle any American prototypes yet, the forum I found this on speculated that it might be next year, Marklin would have acquired everything to make US prototypes. That is why I posted it here because of the European prototypes. I also read that they are exporting difficulties coming out of Germany and not just to the US. It seems that Marklin is still in negotiations with suppliers around the globe to get LGB back on the market. I take the release of the limited catalog as a good sign, my family has been involved in 'corporate' America for 100 years and I know first hand about mergers and take overs and the headaches that come with it. Marklin I hope sees that there is still a market for LGB and a demand for high quality. I know that they have been lambasted over the past six months for acquiring LGB, but at least they are model train makers and not some investment group trying their hand in something new.

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