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Default RE: David Leech - how I build coaches

OK, Guys.¬* The offer is now closed.
To my astonishment, no less than¬*6,933,824¬*people demanded copies of this extremely useful article, and as I was charging $25 a photo-copy, I made a pretty good deal of money on it.

To all of you who asked for but have not yet received your gold-embossed, hand-signed copies of this excellent article, please be patient, the personal courier might be having problems finding a limousine to escort the missive to you, depending where you live.


The truth is that six of my Gauge 1 associates asked for, and got, a freebie copy of this excellent article by a master at work.

No money changed paws in any direction, only friendship and goodwill.

Wouldn't it be just great if it could always be like that?

Best wishes to most.


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