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Here are some pictures I just made of that LX I built back in 1987 it is made of aviation plywood and styreen overlay (to have a smooth steel like finish). It is a bit beaten by time and storage on my old railroad terminal shed. It is giving me the idea that I should fit in a complete restoration sometimes soon. The interior is plywood (of apropriate thickness) and some photo overlays of WL interiors however these inlaid wood decoration are from a car from a diferent series than the Lx and is therefore not correct (At the time there was so little around in gauge one I was satisfied with it).

It has a few passengers about to tuck in including if I remmeber Marie Antoinette, a gentelman, a ballerina on her toes and tutu, the Pope in robe and the maréchal Foch. (the historic caracters were plastic collections sold in France with coffe jars in the sixties that I painted. Mokarex I think was the firm's name)

The trucks which are brass sprung and posses swing action bolsters came with modifications from a Stewart Hines kit for "American" GW bogies. The nearest thing then available to make WL bogies. The journal boxes have correct WL lids, as well as the lettering and insigna etched by a printer friend of mine. At the time I was interested in the PLM and it was for my Rome Express, hence the Pope's presence...

The roof is made from samba wood (or Poplar) you make a rectangle the right width heigt and length, then you plane it to the correct roof contour. Afterwhich you file the end shape (I now use a belt sander on stand to do this much quicker and very good results) then you seal it and putty up any defects, add evergreen ribs (today I would use brass as the evergreen expands to quikly in the sun),and spray grey!
I used a jig saw to cut out the windows interior partitions and doors.

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