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Title changed.

With regard to "censorship" on this site (i.e., posts getting deleted by moderators), that is a no-win game. When one forum member bends the bounds of civility, it may or may not impact or reflect on other posts in that same thread. From a moderator's perspective, we have three options when such things are brought to our attention. First, we can do nothing. If we do nothing, we get "I'm being disrespected and you're letting it happen even though it's against the rules" complaints from those who were wronged. Second, we can delete only the post that was specifically flagged to our attention. If we do that, then we get "why did you delete my post but not anyone else's when they said the same thing I did?" complaints from those who posted the post which got flagged. Or, we can delete all the related posts in a given thread relating to the complaint.If we do that, we get "Why did you delete my posts when I did nothing wrong?" complaints from those whose posts got caught in the dragnet.

Do you want a headache, backache, or stomachache? You're not walking away from the situation without getting crap from someone. Life's rule #26 - you can't please all of the people all of the time.


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