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Thank you Kevin for changing the title.

As for the thread, it was a thread I started about a year ago requesting information regarding another member here who claimed to do what no other modeler has been able to do. I asked for some documentation as I am sure I am not the only person interested in the process. I posted to the thread 9/13/2018. The active topics listing goes all the way back to 8/30/2018, and there is no sign of my thread that should show up there.

Do I feel censured, absolutely. This is not the first instance where threads have 'vanished with out trace', first time for me, but I know of others. Do I believe on this forum there are the 'privileged few', absolutely. It is the largest reason I seldom post here unless there is something of specific interest to me. That thread was one.

At this point in time, I am pretty sure the original poster of the 'unobtainium' will remain silent on the subject. I won't pursue this any further, other than to say I should have know better. It is probably a moot point anyway.
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