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Default Afraid to use Revoluntion dongle

Hi All,

About 6 months ago I bought a dongle with the idea of upgrading my sound receivers to some of the new sounds. After reading the POOR instructions I am utterly afraid to use it.

I do understand not to use it to upgrade my transmitter with the plastic keys, but I am afraid to use it to upgrade my transmitter with the rubber keys.

the fear comes from all the warnings about destroying a transmitter or receiver if it is one of the older Crest units.

I have sound receivers from crest and some from Revo 2, but I cant seem to tell them apart, adding to the fear.

So 1. How do you tell the older Crest sound receivers from the new Revo 2 sound receivers, and does it matter??

2. If I can safely reprogram the sound in either can anyone point me to the "dongle for dummies" info that might take me thru a baby step by baby step instruction on reprogramming th4e sound receivers, or if it not already out there could one of our revo experts walk m e thru it?

3 Same for the rubber key transmitters?

I am not in a financial position to blow up anything right now!!! Also anything would be better than the instructions on the site.

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