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Default should I renew?

Been a long time subscriber to Garden Railways. Used to love it and would consume the content in a few sittings. Seems these days I consume the content in less than a sitting. Seems to me that there may be less pages, bigger pictures and titles, and other ploys to fill pages, with little information. And then going from 6 per year to 4 per year. I admit I have not pulled out my old ones to compare to the new ones, but seems the change of ownership has lead to lower value. It is still a source for what is new in the G world, but there isn't all that much out there.

Time for my renewal.Think my last subscription was for like 3 years and only see now for one year. Kind of feeling that I should just every 3 months stop in the book store and leaf through the latest copy of GR and probably read all the valuable content in it and decide if it is a keeper or not.

Wadda you guys think on that?

I know, support the hobby and all of that but i still want value for my money. Seems like Gr needs to put on the cover, 'Some settling may occur during shipping" so people won't be disappointed when they open the box and find it is half empty.

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