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TV is a vast wasteland and end up watching things just because nothing else is on. Have watched some of those restaurant rescue shows where the restaurant is doing poorly so instead of improving things to try and get customers in, they try to cut corners to save money and end up making the restaurant worse and maybe that keeps customers from returning. I wonder if that is kind of the situation GR is in. I am sure GR does not have the readership that say Model Railroader has and they have decided to cut back on the quality to save money. I would also assume that the Kalmbach people aren't hardly as much G scale oriented as Horowitz was. G is new to them and I am sure they don't print hardly as many magazines as Model Railroader, so just create a little content every 3 months and add big pictures and titles and such to take up space and reduce the magazine page count and figure nobody will notice and will keep buying the magazine. And I know the G world is not as big as HO and N, but Kalmbach needs to hire some real G writers with a love of the hobby to keep the magazine going. Also saw where they claimed that the use on Internet makes the paper magazine less attractive and that the value is in the website subscriber only content. I hardly have time to get on this group, let alone search through their site. This group does it for me for Internet G stuff.

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