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And I know the G world is not as big as HO and N, but Kalmbach needs to hire some real G writers with a love of the hobby to keep the magazine going.
The new editor doesn't seem to be much of an expert. But then one of my complaints was always that they dumbed everything down!

The real issue, which you missed, is that younger folk (a) don't read magazines and (b) don't play trains. So as us old f***s die off, there's no-one to take our place and buy more magazines. Unfortunately I see far too many estate sales on the various buy/sell/swap sites.

Haven't you noticed that every website is now "mobile friendly"? The menu is just 3 little bars on one side. THis site has a version that works well on tablets, etc. I use it when traveling.

And you don't have to watch TV. You could work on your trains, or even read a magazine.

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