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Casting tiles part 2
I have progressed to casting roof panels. A mold box was built using a plywood base and wood strips screwed to the base.

A piece of the plastic roofing was fitted into the mold box with the bottom side up to form the surface shape of the cast cement. A screed was made that would the level the cement below the edges of the mold box the thickness of the corrugated plastic board.

The mold was placed on top of a foam pad and after filling with cement was vibrated using a sander. Then the plastic board was placed on top and filled around the edges with more cement.

After the casting had set overnight the box edges were removed. The edges of the plastic form were not tight enough against the box edges and allowed the cement to run underneath.

This had to be removed before the form could be released.

This is the roof panel after removing the plastic form.

Here is a photo of the new roof panel in place on the Alvarado.

The first try at casting a roof panel was quite successful. The leakage around the edges of the form was not good and it was difficult to remove it from the casting. The next part of this write-up will be efforts to make the casting process easier and quicker.
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