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If you’ll please provide data specific to your care, feedingand use of the failed Li-Ion batteries, collectively we maybe able to offer whatmay have led to the demise of your batteries.

Age: 2017

Voltage: 14.8

Capacity: ?

Charger model number and or specifications: ?

Charging frequency/interval: ? (can you estimate total charge/runcycles)

Typical run time(s): ?

Are your loco’s fitted with the same batteries?

Please call out the loco brand/model?

Please describe your typical operation, i.e., charge andrun trains until train stops, run trains with partially charged battery until theystop, stop train prior to depleting batteries???

Please describe how you care for the batteries after arun?

There is a lot of misinformation out there with regard tothe “proper use” and charging demands of said batteries.

Tenergy like all other battery technology resellers, purchases OEM cells and assembles and or packages them as battery packs for resale. Whose OEM cell is utilized is an unknown unless it called out in Tenergy's specifications. Accordingly, all Tenergy packs are not of like origin, quality, age and more. As an example, one 14.8V battery maybe comprised of Panasonic cells while others maybe use Sanyo, LG Chem or others. The quality and shelf life of the cells used to assemble a given run of batteries, together with the careand use of said batteries will dictate its life span.


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