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Originally Posted by dmcchaser View Post
Hi Aflyer,

I'm fairly new at this as well, but I'm happy to share what I know.

I went with battery power right out of the gate, so I can't speak to DC power needs.

What locomotives you have and what systems they already include or don't include will affect the cost and complexity of the battery conversion.

I have an older RailBoss system from G Scale Graphics in a Bachmann 55 ton Shay, along with a Phoenix sound board. I really like how it works, but it is a bit cumbersome dragging a full-size R/C transmitter out to run it.

I just finished installing an AirWire system in a Bachmann Climax. This system utilizes the built in DCC decoder and sound board. So far I really like the system, it has a ton of customization and control features so the learning curve is a bit steep. Someone with a background in DCC would have an easier time, but I came into it cold.

I also have a live steam locomotive that will be getting a radio control system from
These systems are primarily for Live Steam locomotives, but on board battery power options are available too.
I don't have direct experience with the system yet, but I can say Mr. Walsham has had excellent customer service answering my many questions.
dmcchaser, thank you for your response.

The only locomotive I have right now is an Aristocraft U25-B. I have a 1/2 dozen freight cars, and a pile of LGB brass track. The loco and rolling stock are new and were a bargain, the track is used but was a very good deal. It won't be enough for the loop I want I will need a lot more straight track.

An inexpensive remote control system is a great plan but probably down the road a bit. Going with a battery pack would make things easy while I build a loop and test it out. I need to verify what to buy so I can get it ordered.

Need to figure out if I am just going to lay track on the ground, or build a ladder system to mount the track too.

Thanks again,

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