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Originally Posted by Dan Pierce View Post
On the ground I dug a trench and then installed weed block, then 1/4 inch gravel, then float the track. Weed block is not for the weeds, it is to keep the gravel from mixing with the dirt. For a lot of track power info, and LGB product info, please download the (search for) (LGB 559 pdf) file. It is an older document but does explain the LGB system.
Thank you for there response, that PDF is great and has answers to many of my questions.
I think I am going with a PVC ladder system for the sub roadbed, It will be a lot of work, but maybe easier to level and maintain later.

I purchased a lot of used LGB track, and would like to use as much of it as possible. I have 22 R5 curves, 48 R2 curves and 12 R1 curves. From my S gauge railroading there are a couple of places where I have mixed 2 different radius curves, and it works. What are your thoughts on doing this?

Thank you,

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