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It warms my heart, seeing your teenage build!

I was so happy when last year, I found a brass flatcar that I built when I was 13-14 years old. I'm 57 now. At the time, no large scale trains were sold in Sweden, except for the Aster Schools class and Reno. Just finding a wheelset was a true mission! I finally found two LGB axles, and the wheel flanges had to be turned down, to run on the little Märklin track I had. Starting in large scale trains, was very much an upp-hill experience at the time! Learned a lot about casting, lathes and all sorts of other things, since there was nothing to buy.

The wagon had been missing for 35 years, and I had given up hope ever finding it again. But now it's running. However, I'm uncertain if I should replace the couplings, and fixing another detail that has always annoyed me. And I never painted the brass. I think I should do that now.

Will you be doing any modifications, or just clean and repaint?
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