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Default At What Point To Throw In Towel?

Hey folks -

I've always been infatuated with steam engines. However, I'm finding that the process of operation and adjustments to be non-rewarding.

After 2-3 weeks of fighting to get Ruby going (unsuccessful) - I had the brilliant idea to buy an unassembled Heisler (yes, I'm that dumb). Neither train runs correctly. Very deflating after all this time and nothing to show other than bookshelf candy.

The trains are fine. My thought process is the problem.

I'm total $4k into this (so far). Probably could sell everything (bundle only) for $2800 to $3K.

This post is to see if you've ever came close to 'Joe Namath-ing' your equipment 100 yds and walking away?

Also - for those considering live steam - you will need the patience of a saint...of which, I clearly lack.

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