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Default Time to retire an older MTS system??

My set was installed outdoors 17 years ago--it is a mixture of LGB locomotives with a Bridgewerks Mag 15 PS and LGB 55005 plus LGB 55016 wired controller. After running flawlessly for all this time I was starting a major makeover during Covid-19 and got around to plugging in again. Have to improve power connections to track but did get my Aristo locos running with Train engineer Wireless controller.
However my large collection of MTS have a problem due to an annoying failure of the Alphanumeric unit on the 55016. It seems virtually impossible to find a replacement and I am not too sure I could replace the actual alphanumeric unit. It is of course very hard to see which unit you have programmed in or which control feature.
So I am wondering if it is time to upgrade to a newer DCC system unless all I get some more practical ideas here so I am hoping for responses. I am guessing my MTS is the older serial as there are no "P"s on the units. What might be the simplest system to go to a newer DCC system without requiring a Phd model trainology ? !!! All help welcomed. I do have some lovely locomotives from LGB like Sumpter Valley 250 and the nice track cleaner, so it would be nice to keep those but if I had to I could sell some LGB stuff and go with less complicated Aristo and USA trains that I already have. ??
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