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Biggest issue with some newer systems is they do not do serial communication that the older 55020 decoders used. Zimo and Massoth do still have serial protocols in there units, and some others may have this feature also. Of course these are more costly units but can be less $$ tahn getting rid of your old engines and buying new ones. Also you need to remember the old decoders were 14 speed steps and most newer systems will do 14/28 and 128 steps which are selected by the handheld unit.

Note to see if your old MTS system does parallel operations, type F and 9. If pressing the 6 key and you get 6 pulses it is serial, however if you only get 1 blink, it is parallel. F 9 changes the system from parallel to serial and visa/versa. Also LGB mouse is serial only!!
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