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Mike Csr
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Default Switches Piko or LGB

I am quickly finding out there are a lot of decisions that go into building my railroad empire. In going from pencil and paper to design software I find I need to pick what track I will be using. While I am not laying my own, I narrowed the track down to Piko or LGB (even though I have acquired some USA trains stuff,mostly straight).

Piko and LGB both say they it is easy to combine the two. I think it would be easier to go one or the other for planning purposes. I tried using both the Piko library and LGB library in the software and both seem to do the job. But,what it comes down to with me is the switches. I can get LGB electric switches or manual and convert. With Piko all are manual and need the electric switch machine.

Please give me some feedback on the two options.I know LGB has a double slip and a three way switch that Piko does not have, but I have neither in my plan so far.

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