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Originally Posted by ErieRRFan View Post
Got an Eggliner Motor block with four wires coming out of the block and going into one connector. Can someone tell me where to find a wiring diagram or what the four wire are connected to?

Well, I'm pretty sure that 2 are track pickups and 2 are to the motor. The parts diagrams for the Eggliner and the FA1 from Aristo are here and confirm it.

There's a photo on the Bachmann Parts site of the mtoor block, with yellow, blue, black and green wires.
Aristo used 2 connectors - you say there's only one?

I don't recall which wire is which - I'm sure someone knows. In the meantime, a simple multimeter will tell you which are the track pickups - just set the meter to Ohms, and touch one wheel, then use the other lead to find which wire is connected to that wheel. Do the same with the other side and DaDa! The other 2 must be for the motor.
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