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I can't help but wonder what went on here? Did they buy the magazine with plans to kill it? They sure took over and degraded it. As i have mentioned elsewhere, it seemed like those failing restaurant shows where the restaurant was doing poorly over time so instead of improving to keep and/or get in new customers, they started cutting corners and losing interest and such and the business just spiraled down.

I know that model railroading isn't as big as it used to be as trains are not high tech to the public anymore and computers and cell phones and sci fi are. Also some claim that garden railroading is for old folks, and perhaps that is who most enjoys it, but I can't see why people of all ages that enjoy gardening and the outdoors wouldn't enjoy garden railroading. Maybe we garden railroad people are just "special".

And as i have said before, hope someone out there decides to come out with a new great garden railroading magazine. I might just get a subscription to a narrow gauge magazine and drool over ideas from it. And have Pintrest to wade through every day with loads of idea pictures and no cost other than seeing advertisements..

hope someone puts a garden railroad on my grave when I finally give up
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