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Default Changing a Ruby to inside admission

I havenít run my Ruby Mimi for five years due to deteriorated track bed. Iíve fixed the track and am ready to optimize the Ruby. It was a pretty weak engine barely able to pull its tender. Iím trying to changeover to inside admission as I read where this should improve performance. So far Iíve got at least 3 hours trying to find the sweet spot with an air compressor. I can get it to run somewhat smoothly considering itís a Ruby, although there is no reverse. In fact when I move the Johnson Bar forward (now reverse) there is substantial push back to the (now forward) position on the quadrant.

Iím a rank amateur with live steam and donít understand some of the terminology. I read t that valve timing may help. So far Iíve gone by the valve machined markings on the valves and reversing rod. So my question is are there situations where you ignore those markings (including the one on the reversing rod).
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