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Hey there, Steve. Thanks for the information. The Regner Heisler is practically as flawless as steam can get. I have trouble loading fuel - but, when the tank is 100+ degree from the sun alone, it does require a finesse. Fueling in the AM is a breeze as the tank is 78 degrees or so.

I will buy, probably, 2 more locos - one may be a RH. I like Sandy River....a lot.

Thinking last night, I wonder how many potential steamers have been 'run off' by the purchase of a cheap Ruby - just to have it derail. I'm sure most buy the Ruby and an R1 oval - like I did - just to have too many bad runs vs. enjoyable runs.

Less buyers in our industry can mean higher prices and fewer choices as time moves.

Anyway, have a good one and thanks again!


Originally Posted by stevedenver View Post
I know little about live steam, but
ive read the marc horovitz book, a passion for steam, which is a start. it helped me from feeling helpless regarding live steam mechanics. tweaking, well that another skill set entirely.

$4k , without joy would be enough to break most guys spirits.

I own the lgb aster frank s, manual and its a breeze once you read the article on firing it posted at southern steam (the US aster site)-the trick is to angle the tender front up a touch to avoid liquid butane from entering the fuel line until its fired.

I own a roundhouse R/C sandy river. its foolproof and a lot of fun. easy to light, easy to run.
if you buy any roundhouse, you will be delighted. they are designed to run easily and well. no conditions.
pricey, yes, but like certain autos, you get what you pay for in long term and in operational joy.

both will run, no issues on R1, but prefer wider radii.

I suggest, respectfully, that you chose a couple of first time steamers that are ...fussy to say the least.

I will say, if you try either the frank s or any roundhouse loco, your live steam life will go from unreliable and annoying, to simple and joyful.

I don't know what to say, other than, sell the things that make you unhappy, and, try again, if you like live steam.

I have not taken the plunge on the upper end asters, due mostly to my running limitations on my rather small outside layout. I am thinking of the Japanese logging Baldwin, however, despite it being a different scale.

I like the ceremony and other aspects of live steam. Larger radii, and, zero grades are a big plus, imho.

otoh, electric is so much more convenient and spontaneous. but its apples and oranges.

best of luck
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