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Default Bachmann Service Department Meh!

Hi, guys! I would like to share a recent experience that I had with the Bachmann Service Department.
I recently sent back my On30 4-6-0 locomotive for repairs to the tender wiring.

The set up is flimsy, thin wires that go into two small separate plugs on the bottom of the loco for the DCC system.The connections at the plugs themselves break easily, and are difficult to repair.
I called Bachmann and they said fine. Send it on back.
I sent it back.
A replacement unit arrived 4 weeks later .
And it was in worse condition than the original was when I sent it back to Bachmann !
Two of the little pins holding the front drawbar to the pilot were broken. One front tender step was broken, as well as one of the supports for the tender rear foot board.
To top everything off, now my MRC Loco Genie DCC system ,which was working just fine with the original loco/tender was no longer working with this replacement loco and tender.
The sound just crackled, the rear tender light wouldn't work, and the train wouldn't move.

The whistle and bell would sound, but that was all it would do with the MRC system installed in the tender.
Funny how it worked just fine with the original 4-6-0 that I bought from Train World back in February !
This loco did run fine with the Bachmann DCC board installed.
Ordinarily, I would have called Bachmann, and complained about the issues with the replacement.
But,( and here's where the Large Scale component of this post comes into play),in 2012, I had a problem with an Anniversary Edition 4-6-0 (D&RG#12).
I sent it back to Bachmann for service. I received a replacement back from them some 3 weeks later.
It arrives with broken parts.
I called Bachmann. They said to send it back. I did. The next one arrived broken. Sent it back. The third one arrived. Same thing.
At this point, I was getting very frustrated,especially when the Service Department guy said that they didn't have any more of the D&RG #12's!
So, they wound up sending me a black, painted, unlettered Anniversary Edition 4-6-0.
Which I really didn't want (initially), but it did finally work out fine.
And I was happy.
Until this latest debacle.
I decided that ,rather than having to possibly go through the same ordeal with Bachmann Service over this little On30 4-6-0, especially should those flimsy wires break again ,I would just list it for sale on Ebay.
Which I did .
And it sold.
Good riddance!

I hope it's new owner will be happy with it.
I was until the wiring broke, and then I received a pre-broken(again!!!) replacement from Bachmann.

This really has me rethinking if I want to buy any more trains from Bachmann.

I was interested in the new 4-6-0 G Scale locomotive, but not any more.
Too bad, but if this is how they treat their customers, then they can keep their products and close their doors forever.
I'm done with them.

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