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Default Reverse loop w/ LGB 10151 help please

It's a long story, but I recently inherited ALOT of G scale trains and thought it would be nice to add a small loop in the garden. That loop has qickly turned into a large layout with a reverse loop at each end. I finally got the track set and leveled so I figured I'd give it a test run, and had problems with both loops.

When the loco enters the loop and crosses the 1015T section it dies, as if there is no power. This happens at both loops. I was worried that maybe they were old or damaged, so I repalced one with a brand new one and it didn't work either. I tried flipping the T section just incase, but nothing. The K section has the arrow pointing out of the loop, towards the switch as indicated in the instructions.

Is there something that I'm missing, or an easy diagnostic? If it matters, I'm using a cheap Playmobile loco now, since the track is still in construction mode and I didn't want to bring out the good stuff quite yet. I have LGB locos to use if it matters.

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