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Default Hey Babe! Let's Go Back to My Crib and Smoke Some Acrylic!

I have a redwood retaining wall along Feather Mountain that is in need of repair/replacement. I decided to change it out to cribbing using..., you guessed it, smoked acrylic.

This shows the new cribbing to be installed. (Shown with the paper still on the acrylic.) When in place, this is what shows with ballast/rock/dirt in between slats.

The cribbing is ~50 feet (1:24 scale) long and made of stacked pieces of smoked acrylic “planks” each ~8-1/2 inches square (1:24 scale).

This shows a top view of the construction. There is no need to reproduce that portion within the hill and the “windows” provide space for the fill to accumulate and stabilize the structure. The rear cross bar centers under the track and weight of the track will provide further support. The three pieces of tube will be replaced by five threaded/nutted rods to keep everything together without the use of any adhesives.

This shows the three pieces used in the construction. The structure is ~12-1/2 feet tall (1:24 scale).

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