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Good idea! I have done a great deal of experimenting with the sound aspect.

Though I prefer a "live steam" whistle, i did use the circuit from a Chinese made doorbell, that could record custom sounds, and managed to hook it up to my computer, and download German locomotive bell sound. (I did record German standard / Preussian whistle sound as well, but decided on "live steam".

Annoyingly, the circuit "forgets" the sound after a few months. 😬 So that one is scrapped.

Chuffers are great! I wish someone would make Helmholtz (Bangham) resonator whistles. At least a German / Preussian standard, would have a given market.

Our electric sparky counterparts, nowadays have incredible sound reportoirs. Air- and steampumps, brakesound and coal showeling!

Everyone who has put a videocamera onboard, will have noticed the incredibly prototype like sound of track-joints! Wonder if it would be nice to amplify?

The insane screathing high-pitch sound in sharp curves though, could be trackside.

Being European, buffers hitting eachother during switching, would be very nice. (I think there are piezoelectric or something, that reacts to touch.)

I have a long term project of a cargo train consist, modelling a fantasy German "city supply" cargo train, set about 1910-1925, coming from the countryside.

The official (Preussian) rules said any wagon type could be used for any cargo beeing possible to safely load. This meant medium "plank" open waggons were loaded with cattle, pigs - even if normally used for coal. Horses were carried in vans, with open doors and purpose built fencing in the door openings.

I have been collecting suitable animal figures for years now. 😁 Another nice thing, is that brakemen were populating cargo-trains in that era, so I''m collecting suitable personell as well.

Of course I would like sounds of horses, cows, pigs and sheep associated with each waggon.😀
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