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The sand domes are different. The front one is low and wide and the rear narrower but higher.
On the front one, I start by cutting out a wood block to shape and then wrap a piece of card stock around it
I cut the approximate boiler curve on the bottom and then set it in place. Then using a pencil held firmly on it's side, I mark the final cut.

I remove the card stock and use it as a template glued to the brass sheet with spray adhesive

I cut the top to shape and silver solder the dome together

The rear dome top is 3/16" thick as it will be rounded off after assembly. I get the shape by setting the compass to 1/2 the width and making two center pops which are separated by the same measurement as the length minus the width.

The side is done the same way as the front one.The top is rounded off with the 1" belt sander after soldering.

Finally the running boards, air tanks and cooling piping with the rt side tank being the lubricator, bell, generator, clack valves and piping, water heater piping and hand rails are added
The large pipes on the side were the rear engine exhaust which is where the water heater picked up it's heating steam.

Next up cab, safeties, and tender

Bill Allen
Woodside CA
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