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Default RE: Looking for protype LNER Teak info


Fear not. No Mallard should be demoted to pulling US cars.¬* Nothing wrong with them, they look great behind a K4, Hudson, etc...¬* The Mallard though needs teak cars, or at least british coaches!!!

Mark, I'll go through all my cars when the last six arrive. Should be here by the end of the week. Once I know what I have, and find the nine I'm gonna designate as the "Flying Killam Consist", I'll pass on those three BR Maroon/Cream coaches and a couple others. It won't be a perfect matched set, though they all will be Hornby british coaches. I'll even add weights to them, then your Mallard will think it is pulling a full rake or 8-10. Also, I sent you an email on my roller base. If you want to use it while debugging your loco, let me know. If you also want to try my terminal track I'll send that down to try.¬*

Maybe we'll have two Mallards at DH.¬*

When the new coaches arrive, I'll post some photos.¬* I only hope the Large Scale Police down issue a warrant for posting OO cars here¬* [img]/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/shocked.gif[/img]


Sorry to say work was very busy today.¬* I only got about five pages into the Grantham book.¬* I'm hoping tomorrow is quieter.¬* Man, some people have nerve calling 911.¬* Don't they know I'm trying to read?¬*

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