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Default RE: Battery/DCC Cost Question

Dan has a valid point regarding product obsolescence, but I should point out that there is no availability and continuity of supply like there is for multi channel 2.4 GHz R/C. There are dozens of brands and for our purposes they all work exactly the same way and they are generally low cost.
To compliment this steady supply of R/C equipment for battery R/C there are dozens of makers of suitable ESC's. Some are pretty basic but a little bit of web searching will uncover ESC's that can do many of the things DCC systems can do such as proper proportional speed control, directional lights, speed matching, MU'ing, controllable inertia and at least 4 sound triggers.
There are often plenty of spare channels that can use the servo driven Kadee uncouplers.

The only real down point is the size of the TX. I must admit it is a bit bulky, but I can assure you, that like Kevin, you soon get used to them. Anyway, that is going to change soon with the imminent availability of a cigarette pack size DSM2 compatible TX Handpiece with a knob for speed control and switch for direction change.
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