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Default RE: Battery/DCC Cost Question

Wow great stuff guys thanks. It's overwhelming. The last thing I want to do is settle on a system and find out its not what I want later one and have to start over. Sound is really not an issue but I could possibly see going over four locos at some point in the future if I really get hooked.

If I solder the track connections and use concrete roadbeds, can I effectively limit the amount of maintenance? Other than some cosmetic ballast and maybe some repairs from my dogs, I'm thinking there shouldn't be anything else if I go electric track power?

I bought used LGB stuff from my friend. I have four locos right now and have another in mind. Not planning to run all at once but be nice to have that ability if I wanted.

The costs seem reasonable with battery, I guess a little less with track power but more initial work in soldering everything?

I really need to decide on the roadbed and track type before winter. I would like to lay a test circle and see how it holds up over winter.

I will have some very specific questions once I get started but for now I'm just researching and trying to learn.

Does anyone live in the northern NJ or southern NY area that would be willing to show me their layout? Even eastern PA would do i'll drive up to an hour or so.

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