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Default RE: Battery/DCC Cost Question

Another option, just to muddy the water a little bit, is a remote control unit between your power supply and the track. You can double or more head with similar locomotives. I can run LGB ABA units, or a USAt ABA lash ups. What I cannot do is run two separate trains. I do have three battery, RC, engines that I use mostly as guest engines on other layouts. At home I use a Bridgewerks remote. It has a 4 button key fob for control, on/off, increase speed, decrease speed, and reverse. It meets all of my requirements. Aristo used to have a similar type of unit. I'm not sure what they now have. I can control the train from inside the house with the Bridgewerks unit. I'm away from home now, but it is either a Ul or UR-15, if my memory is any good, which it probably isn't. It is not inexpensive, about $250, but it is an excellent unit and made in America. Chuck. PS. Some of us recommend running on analog DC for a while before you jump in to other options. A little running experience will help direct you to which option may be best for you. By all means try to find a local club or group in your area. It is far better to visit and ask questions directly. There is no single system that is ideal for everyone, they all have advantages and disadvantages. It all depends upon your specific railroad and what you expect to do with it.

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