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Default RE: Unusual Trams in Blackpool England

Posted By samevans on 06/10/2008 7:18 AM
> OMG , now I think Ive seen about everything , not really , but that just
> proves , don't ever say they didn't ever do something .
> We can run just about anything that we want to !
It may prove it was done somewhere do but it does not mean the latter. All it proves is that you can if you wish, emulate British illuminated trams specific to one system. Trying to run same on tramway based on anywhere else in the world would look faintly ridiculous. I do object to folk taking a specialised circumstance and then trying to represent it as every day.

While I agree that way too often people see one thing and assume all kinds of additional data of their own fancy about it... like archeologists that find a large boulder with a bone near it and invent a whole societal religion of violent sacrifice based on the find. It might very well be true that the boulder was placed at that point as some sort of alter or memorial by humans and the bone might represent a sacrifice that was performed there, but that doesn't mean it was a whole society that was bent on spilling blood and did it morning, noon, and night. It might very well be that one idiot did it once and the people around him decided he was nuts and had him committed to the grass-hut for the terminally looney, never to be seen again.

Still, if on a garden railway someone wants to run a certain type of train from one venue in a representatin of a different venue, then what is to stop them? In no way can any garden train set be a true miniature copy of any real railroad at any time in its past. It can only be some minor and FICTIONAL representation. Since it HAS to be fictional in some manner, then what is to stop someone from taking that fiction to the extreme in any way that they feel like it?

If the Blackpool trams were decorated a certain way, then why not represent the Chicago and North Western running a transcontenental coal unit trains decorated the same way? And maybe pulled by a hand car powered by Mickey Mouse and Goofy, and pushed by Charlie Brown and Lucy on a motorcycle?!?
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