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Default RE: Unusual Trams in Blackpool England

What is not apparent in the threads is that for a couple of months, around fall, to extend the short holiday season that they have in northern England (compared to the longer warmer ones of the south)the town of Blackpool has its "illuminations". This has been an annual affair for a very long time - I went there 55 years ago as a youngster. I can't say I cared for the place: it was noisy, brash and aromatic (beer, fried onions and vomit!)
However the whole town, including its famous tower (not as tall as the Eiffel), is illuminated as well as the tramcars. It is by and large a great success and is well supported by a large proportion of the population of the UK. It is usually opened by a "celebrity". It is, I am sure, due to the success, and profitability of the illuminations that the trams are still running.
I gather there are "illuminated" trains in the States, usually at Christmastime.
regards, Alan
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