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Default RE: Size comparison of parts for 1/20th scale and 1/13th scale

I drilled out the axle holes in the big journals this evening, to a size "F" drill, very slightly larger than 1/4 inch. The nylon bushings wouldn't quite fit in the 1/4 inch hole that I had drilled it out to. I drilled the holes because they were oversize for the axles on the wheelsets that I have, and the original holes had an upward angle to them instead of being straight. Odd hole arrangement. Anyway, I put 2 bushings in the holes, one bushing fits inside the other and the smaller one is the right size for the axles on the wheelsets. I had to get the journals set up so that I could determine the width of the frame on the car. Then I cut the wood frame parts to suit the spacing for the journals and the axles.
It looks like these journals will work quite well for my purpose.
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