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Default Researching the GSW 12 Wheeling Dining Carriage

Greetings everyone,

First¬*let me begin by saying¬*thanks for all your information while I aquired all nine¬*pieces for my LNER Mallard rake.¬* The final is as follows:

2 Gresley brakes
3 Gresley coachs
2 Gresley sleepers
1 Thompson teak coach
1 Pullman parlour

So, that project is complete.¬* I will be getting a few detail parts from the UK over the next few months and personalize them a lil more.¬* Which brings me to my latest venture.¬* While I was looking through on of the books Pete Thorton loaned me, I came across one of the most beautifuls cars I have ever seen.¬* Looked somewhat reminisant of the heavyweight cars used in the US during the 20-30s.¬* If you have access to the 1969 book¬*Historic Carriage Drawings in 4mm Scale by Jenkinson & Campling, take a look at page 47.¬* This is the GSW 12 Wheel Dining Car.¬* The vents above the windows are framed by stained glass.¬* Just from this single side elevation in OO, no measurements at all, I fell in love.¬* I saw so much potential for this model.

Since I'm sure it will be a few years before I get a 1:32 English LS¬*engine of my own, I figured building this really neat late 20's car was a close 2nd.¬* Then I could bring it to steam ups and find british trains requiring the services of a fine dining car.¬* Haggis, Blood Pudding and Mutton on the menu.

My 1st objective is to get full plans for this car, and any photos or additional history I can find on it.¬* That way I can see the interior and have an idea if I'm totally off my nut wanting to build this from scratch.¬* Any info or links would be greatly appreciated.
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