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Default Battery/DCC Cost Question

I realize this is a hot debate, not trying to start it all over again. I'm looking for a specific analysis. I plan to run a couple of trains, maybe 3 or 4 not ten. So I am assuming I will need some type of individual control system. I read that battery power offers an advantage in this respect and I think the cost is mitigated since either way I would have to install some type of control system in my engines. Battery also seems to offer me the advantage of going with different track materials and not having to worry so much about electrical connections (another maintenance issue).

I have LGB engines with no control systems installed. I would need to convert them to battery or install the control system if I leave it electric. Can someone give me an estimate of the costs involved to convert one engine to either? Right now I only have the original LGB transformer, so I would need a new DCC controller or remote controller with a battery system.

Basically I'm looking to see which would be more cost effective considering I'm starting from scratch, need to install some type of control system in either case and also in terms of maintenance. If I'm missing any advantages or disadvantages associated with either please let me know.

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