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Default Size comparison of parts for 1/20th scale and 1/13th scale

I recently bought a set of 2 axle car journals from an ebay seller to see if they were large enough to be used for 1/13th scale (7/8ths scale) cars. They were listed as "large journals" and were bigger than the quarter used for size comparison in the picture. I have a set of 7/8ths scale wheels that I bought a while back that are too small for my 2 inch scale projects, so I decided to use them to build an ore car in 7/8ths scale. I also have a set of 7/8ths scale link and pin couplers that I had bought from Ozark Miniatures to see if they would work for 2 inch scale, and they were much too small for that application.
The wheel journals that I got from ebay seem to be about right for 7/8ths scale, they would be way too big for 1/20.3 scale. I took a picture of the journals and link and pin couplers, as well as 1/20th scale car journals and link and pin couplers from Hartford Products for a size comparison. The big journals come from Wiseman Model Services, through ebay. They were reasonably priced.

I thought it would be an interesting size comparison.
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