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Thank you for the great coverage of our layout, as well as all the layouts open during the tour! I was especially anticipating this final post with our layout and the Dean's, and it was worth the wait!

The Dean's are close friends, and have helped a LOT with our layout. It probably helps that we live about 300 feet apart (as the crow flies), but it seems like Bob has helped almost everyone else in the club too! I first met them and saw their layout in 2003, and was really impressed. Their outdoor layout hasn't been running much until recently, as they've been under construction with their upstairs addition. So I'm really happy to see it running again. (Well, sort of. It's too bad the batteries were acting up. I guess that's Murphy's Law though. We experienced that back in April when our DCC system was acting up.) And they've continued adding details too, such as new trees, and more buildings.

By the way, you've just named one of our mountains. Twin Peaks it is! Now I still need a name for the other mountain where the waterfall starts, but I'm sure a name will come up at some point.
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