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Wink Another poll test

(After Greg's test, I had to experiment...)
(This is just for grins! But vote anyway, just for fun.)

If money, time and space were not issues, what form of locomotion power & control would you employ and defend?

This is a multiple-choice poll.

[edit: I thought the question had to appear in the post, like I did in the above sentence. But no, the question is entered after you click submit.
A special mystery poll-creation page opens, and you enter your question here. It appears at the top of the page, in the poll list, after the "View Poll Results," in this case a lame "Here are some choices."
After supplying the question, you then list all the options. AND, you can change the number of options (up to 10), on the fly.
You also determine how many days the poll is run, whether voter identities are exposed, and whether this is multiple choice.
When you submit all that, you see your poll options, and then click what you want. And then, voila! The bar graph appears!
Seriously neat! Thanks Greg!]

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