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Default RE: David Leech - how I build coaches

Posted By Rod Hayward on 02/07/2008 7:00 AM

The good ppl of the Cambridge Constabulary might get around to you in 20 years or so when they have finished deciding what to do about the itinerent influx. You might be in for a flogging with a wet lettuce leaf one of them dropped.


Tee hee.

Mrs tac was just recently carrying out an errand of mercy in our little village¬*when she saw what appeared to be a police officer walking down the High Street.¬* Staggered by this unusual apparition, as common here in Cambridgeshire as a unicorn, she sought a place to sit and recover in the nearby bus shelter, and called me up as soon as she recovered sufficiently to get her breath back.

I was initially in two minds whether or not to call the local police station, and report the probability of this sighting actually being an imposter rather than a real police person, when I recalled that we had recently had 90m of 1000-pair telephone cable¬*stolen by our itinerant brethren, and that communication via land-line was not possible.

Still, it goes to show that nowhere these days is safe from the presence of a sneaky police person, even fifteen years after the last resident police person left our village.¬* Our daughter, now aged 27, does not remember ever seeing a police officer actually walking around in the village, even having lived there for 23 years...

Meanwhile there have beeen a number of suspicious sightings of 'police cars' with up to four 'police officers' in them sighted around the scene of the crime, as well as up and down the busy A1 and A1[M] near to our house...but then, who do you report these sighting to?

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