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  Phase 4 BRR
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  Yeramians Crossing
I was introduced to trains when I was a kid. My grandfather was a train mechanic (Photo #1 right side in the cab. My father and uncle also worked in a train station all their lives and I had the privilege of visiting the machine shop often. Our house was about 100 feet from the train station, and I was always playing around near the freight yard and watching the trains go by, even in the middle of the night in the summer time I used to sleep in a small balcony facing the station and when I herd the train coming I used to get up half way sleep and watch the train go by at 12:30 am and 4:00 am every day. I got my first HO set in the early 60’s and since then, I always had an HO layout. In early 1990, at a train show I saw for the first time, an LGB layout and was so fascinated and taken by its quality and detail that I purchased a starter set with extra tracks and since then I started my collection of LGB trains and accessories. I built a small G. Scale 5' x 8' layout in the basement and enjoyed running my LGB trains. Through the years, I collected so many LGB engines, freight cars, passenger cars, and accessories that I needed to expand my layout. The Internal Affairs (My Wife) will not permit me to use more space in our basement, so I had no other option except to build an outdoor garden layout. I joined a local aria G Scale club and let me tell you, it’s the best thing I ever did. The club members gave me all kinds of ideas to help make my plans easier, even dough I was the first member to build LGB’s MTS layout. I designed my layout on my computer in the winter of 2002-2003 with three mainlines and a 4 lane freight yard and a reversing loop.

I purchased an MTS starter set plus extra decoders and began the installation in my locos during the same winter. In the early Spring of 2003, I started the construction of my outdoor garden railroad. My layout is 32' x 14' with about 200 feet of track with minimum radius of 8 feet and 29 R3 switches, a five foot long tunnel, two bridges and a water fall. It is a totally Massoth digital system which makes it fun and very easy to run multiple trains, operate switches and program train routes. My locos are mostly steam era plus a couple of Diesel engines all with digital sounds and pulling lighted coaches and over 150 freight cars. There are also over 20 lighted buildings. In the fall of 2006 I extended my layout from outdoors into my basement train room through the wall looking like a tunnel entrance joining to my indoor small layout. And if you like to see some of my layout movie clips you can log on to www.YouTube and search for Yeramian’s Crossing.
(By the way, my wife now enjoys my Garden Railroad as much as I do and she takes special care of the plants and flowers, and joins me to Club meeting as well as Train shows.)

Jerry Yeramian
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  Journal Photos
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  Jim Stapleton Layout
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  My Bachmann Tweetsie
My pride and joy.
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  South Australian Railways V Class
Builders log of loco build. Narrow Gauge V CLass
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  Journal Photos
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