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Conversation Between East Broad Top and BrianTFowler
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  1. BrianTFowler
    10-30-2015 09:06 AM - permalink
    Its been a while. I wanted to ask you two things. First, when scratch building in large scale what are the pros cons of building in wood vs polystyrene? My rolling stock will spend most of its life in the house on a display shelf.
    second, do you still need the steel frame cut for #5?
  2. East Broad Top
    01-25-2015 06:37 PM - permalink
    East Broad Top

    E-mail me at [email protected].

    Alas, my #20 build log was on the old MLS server which went south when we converted to the new software. The photos can still be found here:

    My #20 was kitbashed from the Carter Bros. "Master Class" we did here, which is a 13-window board-and-batten coach very similar to #3, except for the roof ends (Carter Bros. used a duckbill end, while #3 had a more traditional bullnose end) and #3 has tongue-in-grove siding below the belt rail instead of board-and-batten.

    I've got the drawings for that car, and can send them to you. You should be able to adapt that for your use.

    Question--can you cut 1/8" steel on your laser cutter? I'm working on a model of EBT #5, their 2-6-0. I've got a guy printing my wheels and another guy turning the tires. The guy who was lined up to cut my frames has dropped out of the project.


  3. BrianTFowler
    01-19-2015 07:20 PM - permalink
    My name is Brian Fowler. I am a high school advanced manufacturing teacher in Columbus, Ohio. I usually try to build things that are of interest to me. That being the PRR and the EBT. In my fictitious world the PRR continued its Electrification all the way to Pittsburgh, thus you would find a beautiful GG1 cruising past Mike #14. To make things really interesting my plan is to model everything in 1:32. 1:32n3 put the rail width just about at O gauge. (kind of like On30 using HO track).
    I have all the tools needed, CNC mills, CNC lathes, laser cutter, 2 (soon to be 3) different types of 3D printers, and the latest Solidworks and AutoCAD software.
    The only thing I lack is data and/or files.
    My next project is to build the EBT coach #3 in 1:32. I was trying to access your archived blog on your "Orbisonia", but that link is down. Do you know where I can find it?
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